Medical health check-up for foreigners

Information about health check-up

Tokyo Takanawa Hospital administers health check-up for foreigners.
Please refer to the following course and option list.
Please fill in the application form below and send it to the following e-mail address along with the necessary documents.

≪Attachment: PDF of courses≫
≪Attachment: PDF of optional examinations≫
≪Attachment: Application form≫

※If you are not enrolled in any Japanese Insurance, you will be charged differently.
Please contact us directly by e-mail if you have any queries.

Three main features of Tokyo Takanawa Hospital Health Check-up Center

1. Great location

- JR and Keikyu Shinagawa station: 4 minutes by Taxi
- Subway Takanwadai station: 3 minutes on foot (A1 Exit)
Shinagawa station enables convenient access to major domestic tourist spot.

2. Foreign language service

- Interpretation service
For safety reason, we ask you to bring along an escort interpreter with you to health check-up if you cannot speak Japanese.
If you are not able to arrange an interpreter yourself, we can assist and assign you one.
Price: 20,000 (excluding tax)/ 2-hour unit

- Translation service
We can provide an English translation copy of your health check-up report on a later date (*).
Price: 5,000 ~ 10,000 (excluding tax)
(*)It will take longer time than usual to deliver the health check-up report.

3. Follow-up system

- If you need further medical examination as a result of the health checkup, we can arrange consultation for you with the specialist doctor from our hospital’s outpatient department located in the same building.